Is anyone using my viz?

So you think you’re viz is not popular? Do you think you’re the only one that’s using it? Think again!

If you’ve ever worked with Tableau Server (or maybe you haven’t) and wondered if anyone was looking at your dashboard or published data sources, well, you don’t have to guess anymore. Tableau Server offers ends users various access points to get at this great question.

3 Simple Ways

1. “Who has seen this view?” Menu Link

Just click on your dashboard on the list view within the project and click on the three dots next to the name. You’ll see a menu option that says “who has seen this view”.workbook-who has seen this viewThis provides you with access to the underlying data just like you would in any other workbook. Look at this progression below.

View after selecting link of “Who has seen this view?”
full row data
Full data records for user views. Great details regarding times and device.

2. Sort By View Option

If you want to know the most viewed workbooks in a project or overall, just change the sort on the list/grid panel.

Views sorted by Most-Least views. Switch the sort by to get more defined views.

3. Tableau Server Admin Views

Find out from your Tableau Server admin if they can post the data that is stored in the internal Postgres database (maybe this is not that simple – but there’s some great resources around this. Links below). There are some admin views that can help answer that question faster but always ask. I promise we don’t bite.


Tableau Server stores a lot of metadata in its internal Postgres database. Not everyone can get to it and your admin has to enable access, but it’s not impossible.  This data is gold specially if you are trying to rework your content or crowd source new dashboard ideas.

What if you are an owner of a published data source and you want to know who is consuming it. Tableau Server is also good at telling you what workbooks use your published data sources. When you click on the data source you get a connected workbooks tab that shows how many workbooks are using it.

connected workbook

What if you want to know if you are a top contributor to your Tableau Server. One thing that I implemented at work (using open sourced workbooks from the great Server Guru Mark Jackson) is a Leader Board project.
The Leader Board project has dashboards that show the end-user who is the top publisher, viewer, and if you work in an organization where you have multiple groups like I do, you can encourage some friendly competition at who gets the top of the leader board. In addition, we are planning on sending out a version of this workbook to the internal Tableau User group to see if it increases adoption and usage.

Next time you are on Tableau Server and you think that maybe your viz is not in use, put facts to your opinion, it may just surprise you.



Tableau Server internal database:

Out of the box Tableau Server Admin Views:

Mark Jackson Custom Admin Views:


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